Executive Director

Damián Preciado

Damián Preciado is Founder and Executive Director of the White Hat Research & Policy Group. Arizona’s progressive think tank. He is also Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party and Managing Partner for White Hat Technology LLC which focuses on B2G software solutions. Damián is a first generation immigrant born in Mexicali, Mexico. His family worked the grape fields, restaurant service industry, and clothing factories in order to make their way in the US. Through an academic scholarship he obtained a BA in both Philosophy and Latin American Studies from Brandeis University in 2006. He moved from Palm Springs, CA to Phoenix in 2012. Prior to his current roles he was a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo Investments for over a decade. Nowadays when he is not working on policy initiatives or developing software Damián spends his time with family and friends. He and his wife Sandra enjoy hiking and taking care of their two dogs and one feisty cat.