WHRPG Fellowship

Research Fellow

WHRPG Research Fellowship

The White Hat Research & Policy Group Research Fellowship develops new talent and connects academic research with real-world policy by providing funding and experience to graduate students and early career researchers working in our focus areas. WHRPG awards one year-long fellowship for each of its focus areas per year.

The Research Fellowship is divided into two key components: white paper research and legislative experience.

White Paper Research

The core of the fellowship is the production of detailed and data-driven white papers on topics related to our focus areas. The goal of these papers is to take academic research on a specific topic and make it available to stakeholders including legislators, media, and voters.

Over the course of the year-long fellowship, the Fellow will complete three white papers (approx. 25-30 pages each) on specific topics within their focus area, for which they will receive an agreed upon stipend. These white papers will be used to educate legislators and drive sample legislation, as well as drive the conversation through educating media and voters on the topic.

Legislative Experience

In addition to completing the white papers, Fellows will also have the opportunity to gain experience in working with the Arizona legislature through legislator shadowing and mock hearing events. The goal of this program is to give Fellows experience in talking with legislators and translating their research into public policy terms.

Fellows may earn a stipend annually based on completed research. Review the application process for each of the WHRPG focus issues. Apply today, opportunity awaits!

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